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Capacity:20 ha / h
Working speed: Up to 25 km / h
Height adjustment:15 – 80 mm
Required PTO power:75 – 85 kW
Mass front-unit:520 kg
Mass back-unit:2100 kg
Number of decks front:4
Number of decks back:6
Mowing deck:Flex deck
Cutting width:10 m
Transport width:3,1 m
Transport height:3,5 m
Green Clipper Sport XL
Green Clipper Sport XL
Green Clipper Sport XL
Green Clipper Sport XL

The Green Clipper Sport XL is the newest model in the Green Clipper family.

With a cutting width of 10 meter it is the biggest low weight electrically driven rotary mower in our program.

The cutting area consists of ten fully independent suspended mowing decks, each with a width of one meter. Of which four decks on the front and six decks at the rear of the tractor.

Four decks are mounted on front of the tractor to cut the grass. This prevents flattening of the grass by the tractor, before it gets cut. Fuel consumption is low, due its own low weight and evenly divided weight distribution.

An unique feature of the Green Clipper Sport XL are the hydraulic retracting and extending mowing decks on the rear. In transport position the mowing deck are hydraulic locked. Trough this unique feature an adjustable cutting width is possible from 8,0 up to 10,0 meters.

The mowing decks can be adjusted to the desired cutting height by means of a mechanical height adjustment (washers).

The energy for the electric motors is supplied by a flexible compact high efficiency PTO powered generator on the back of the tractor.

On level terrain the Green Clipper Sport XL can achieve high working speeds without affecting the mowing quality. The high RPM of the blades ensures an outstanding cut.

Grass clippings are nice and evenly dispersed even in very wet conditions. These properties cause that the Green Clipper Sport XL can be used, just like the rest of the Green Clipper family, almost independent from weather conditions.

The solid construction and a minimum of moving parts make sure the Green Clipper Sport XL requires low maintenance.

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