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Capacity: 20 ha / h
Working speed:up to 25 km / h
Height adjustment:15 – 80 mm
Required PTO power:80 – 100 kW
Mass:3500 kg
Number of decks:5
Mowing deck:Flex deck
Cutting width:10,1 m
Transport width:2,5 m
Green Clipper 5
Green Clipper 5
Green Clipper 5
Green Clipper 5

With a working width of ten meter the Green Clipper 5 is a drawn rotary mower and is the turfgrass mower that offers the highest capacity on the market.

A trailing axle provides excellent maneuverability and makes zig zag mowing and driving through narrow streets possible.

The outer mowing decks can independently of each other be retracted and extended, so frequently changing the cutting track runs easily and smoothly.

The flexible compact high efficiency generator provides the necessary energy for the electric motors. The high RPM of the blades ensures an outstanding cut.

On level terrain the Green Clipper Sport 5 can achieve high working speeds without affecting the mowing quality.

Grass clippings are nice and evenly dispersed even in very wet conditions. These properties cause that the Green Clipper Sport 5 can be used, just like the rest of the Green Clipper family, almost independent from weather conditions.

The solid construction and a minimum of moving parts make sure the Green Clipper 5 requires low maintenance.

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