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Green Clipper

To cultivate a beautiful looking strong lawn it requires frequent mowing with a sharp and well set up mower. Unfortunately mowing conditions are not always ideal for most types of mowers. This means that excess grass clippings and clumps of grass need to be removed and that grass is suffering from the irregular mowing.

Time to look for a mower with a high output that produces a clean cut, almost indifferent to the mowing conditions.

The Green Clipper has small diameter blades that rotate at extremely high speed. They are being protected by a specially shaped cover. This design ensures that the clippings that are left behind are reduced in size and dispersed evenly across the surface.

The unique flexible decks enable that the ground contours are followed very well. On level fields cutting heights as low as 20 mm, can be reached without scalping.

A unique feature is its electric drive which is responsible for making the Green Clippers very quiet and energy efficient. It also means that there is virtually no need for maintenance or risk of oil leaking out. The electricity is generated by a generator powered by the tractor’s PTO.

Specifications Green Clipper Compact / Sport

Specifications:Green Clipper CompactGreen Clipper Sport
Capacity:4 ha / h8 ha / h
Working speed:Up to 25 km / hUp to 25 km / h
Height adjustment:15 – 80 mm15 – 80 mm
Required PTO power:Min. 22 kWMin. 37 kW
Mass front-unit:305 kg520 kg
Mass back-unit:270 kg270 kg
Number of decks:24
Mowing deck:Flex deckFlex deck
Cutting width: 2,0 m 4,1 m
Transport width: 2,2 m2,4 m

Specifications Green Clipper Sport ++ / Green Clipper Sport XL

Specifications:Green Clipper Sport ++Green Clipper Sport XL
Capacity:15 ha / h20 ha / h
Working speed:Up to 25 km / hUp to 25 km / h
Height adjustment:15 – 80 mm15 – 80 mm
Required PTO power:70 – 90 kW75 – 85 kW
Mass front-unit:520 kg520 kg
Mass back-unit:820 kg2100 kg
Number of decks:810
Mowing deck:Flex deckFlex deck
Cutting width: 7,5 m 10 m
Transport width: 2,5 m3,1 m

Specifications Green Clipper 3 / 5

Specifications:Green Clipper 3Green Clipper 5
Capacity:12 ha / h20 ha / h
Working speed:Up to 25 km / hUp to 25 km / h
Height adjustment:15 – 80 mm15 – 80 mm
Required PTO power:50 – 70 kW80 – 100 kW
Mass front-unit:N.A.N.a.
Mass back-unit:1600 kg3500 kg
Number of decks:35
Mowing deck:Flex deckFlex deck
Cutting width: 6,0 m 10,1 m
Transport width: 2,5 m2,5 m

Green Zizzor®

For the perfect presentation and lawn maintenance on cutting heights lower then 20 mm we have the Green Zizzor®. This unique cilinder mower makes use of Green Clipper technique and John Deere ESP® cages.

Green Zizzor® in short:

  • High productivity
  • Clean and efficient electrical drive
  • Excellent wear and durability performance
  • Perfect presentation

Specifications Green Zizzor

Capacity:up to 12 ha / h
Required PTO power:60 – 80 kW
Mass:3800 kg
Cutting width:10,7 m
Transport width:2,5 m
Transport height:3,3 m
Back axle:Track following, 520/50-17 radial tires
Cutting units:15x 30″ 8 bladed ESP® reels with spiral front roller