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The Green Clipper is distinguished by its extremely fast rotating blades with a small diameter, together with an ingeniously designed protection. This not only guarantees an effective reduction of the clippings, but also ensures that they are evenly distributed over the lawn. The unique flexible mowing decks closely follow the contours of the ground, allowing an optimal cutting height of 20 mm on flat terrain.

Green Clipper Compact Wallpaper

Green Clipper Compact

The Green Clipper Compact has a cutting width of 2 meters and is ideal for maintaining smaller lawns.

Green Clipper Sport

Green Clipper Sport

The Green Clipper Sport has a cutting width of 4 meters and has been specially developed for mowing sports fields and other large, regularly maintained lawn areas.

Green Clipper Sport++ maaimachine met gelijkmatig maaisel

Green Clipper Sport ++

For if you are looking for top performance in the maintenance of sports fields and extensive lawns. The Green Clipper Sport ++ has a cutting width of 7.5 meters.

Green Clipper Sport XL maaimachine 10 meter breed

Green Clipper Sport XL

This unique electrically powered rotary mower with a working width of 10 meters stands out as the largest in our range.

Green Clipper 3 wallpaper

Green Clipper 3

Discover the efficiency of the Green Clipper 3 for turf farms and sports parks with this 6 meter trailed mower.

Green Clipper 5 - GC5 wallpaper

Green Clipper 5

With an impressive cutting width of 10.1 meters, the Green Clipper 5 offers an advanced solution for efficiently mowing turf farmers and extensive sports parks.

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