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Green Clipper 5

Green Clipper 5

Discover the efficiency of the Green Clipper 5 for turf farmers and sports parks

With an impressive working width of 10,1 metres, the Green Clipper 5 offers an advanced solution for efficiently mowing turf farmers and extensive sports parks.

Robust frame

The Green Clipper 5 is designed with a robust frame that can be easily attached to the back of a tractor. Equipped with three mowing decks and a compact, yet powerful generator, this machine delivers excellent performance.

The height of the mowing decks can be adjusted effortlessly thanks to the ingenious mechanism of mechanical height adjustment, resulting in an accurate cutting height as desired.

High efficiency generator

Thanks to the compact high-efficiency generator, the required energy is supplied for the electric motors, ensuring that the Green Clipper 5 performs optimally.

On flat terrain, the Green Clipper 5 guarantees high working speeds without compromising the mowing pattern, thanks to the high speed of the blades.

Distribution of grass clippings

The clippings are evenly distributed, even in challenging conditions, allowing the Green Clipper 5 to be used almost independently of weather conditions, just like other machines within the Green Clipper family.

With solid construction and minimal maintenance on moving parts, the Green Clipper 5 offers reliable performance and durability, making it a worthwhile investment for any professional environment. Consider requesting a quote today and discover for yourself the benefits of the Green Clipper 5 for your mowing needs.

Machine specifications

Green Clipper 5 in action

In the following video you will see the Green Clipper 5 in action, with its 10,1 meter working width, maneuverability, and efficient mowing results under various conditions.

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Green Clipper now offers a wider range of mowers for larger lawns. In addition to our well-known front mowers, we now also offer a range of trailed mowers

Our trailed mowers are ideal for mowing large lawns, such as sports fields, golf courses and airports. They are equipped with a powerful engine and a robust chassis, allowing them to mow large areas effortlessly. The mowers are available in widths up to 10 meters.

This makes them the ideal choice for very large lawns.

Green Clipper Compact

Cutting width - 2 m

Green Clipper Sport

Cutting width - 4,1 m

Green Clipper Sport ++

Cutting width - 7,5 m

Green Clipper Sport XL

Cutting width - 10 m

Green Clipper 3

Cutting width - 6 m

Green Clipper 5

Cutting width - 10,1 m

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