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Mowing propulsion

Unlike a conventional reel mower is the Green Clipper is an electrically powered rotary mower and unique in its kind.

Good spread grass clippings

The high RPM of the blades ensures a very good spread of the grass clippings. This litters also functions as mulch. This means that an extra sweeping round is not necessary.

Due to the high RPM the blades suck the grass upwards, which results in a mowing at even heights.

High productivity

The Green Clipper Sport has a very high productivity. The fuel consumption for example of the Green Clipper Sport is approximately 3.5 l / h. (depending on the tractor). The maximum working speed is about 25 km / h.

Weather conditions

The Green Clipper is able to cut both wet and dry grass, without affecting the mowing result.

Low noise

The Green Clipper is very low in noise and has a noise level of approximately 40 to 50 DB, excluding the noise level of the tractor.


Trough the solid construction and a minimum of moving parts, the Green Clipper has very low maintenance. The maintenance is very simple and can be performed easily self. The Green Clipper is electrically driven. Only the hydraulic cylinders prior for folding of the flexible mowing decks are to be supplied with oil.

Energy efficient

The Green Clipper is very energy efficient. So has the new Green Clipper blade (developed by the engineers of Mowing Solutions), in addition to a better mowing result, a saving of 15% to 20% of the power consumption on the motors.

Mowing features

The flexible mowing decks ensure an optimal follow of the bottom surface. The cutting height of the Green Clipper is adjustable from 15-80 mm.

The Green Clipper Sport is attached to the front of the tractor, therefore the view of the driver on the field is very good.

The generator is located at the rear of the tractor (good balancing).

Due to the it’s own low weight a compact tractor is possible and there is virtually no rutting.

Because the mower is at the front of the tractor, the grass is not driven flat before being mowed.