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About Green Clipper and its history

Green Clipper has been a pioneer in electric mowing systems for decades. Since the 1980s and 1990s, we have been developing innovative solutions that make lawn maintenance more efficient, sustainable and pleasant.

About us

Our unique Green Clipper and Green Zizzor® mowing systems are appreciated by professionals throughout Europe. Turf growers, gardeners and sports field managers benefit from the benefits of our electric machines.

Working efficiently

Get more work done in less time, with less effort.

Sustainable mowing

No emissions, less noise and a lower ecological footprint.

High productivity

The working speed of our Green Clipper mowers is 25 km/h.

Green Clipper Compact

Cutting width - 2 m

Green Clipper Sport

Cutting width - 4,1 m

Green Clipper Sport ++

Cutting width - 7,5 m

Green Clipper Sport XL

Cutting width - 10 m

Green Clipper 3

Cutting width - 6 m

Green Clipper 5

Cutting width - 10,1 m

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Mowing Solutions

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