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At Green Clipper we offer top of the line electric lawn mowers, ideal for turf growers and sports field management. Our consistently large stock ensures we always have the perfect mower for your needs. Choose Green Clipper for unparalleled precision and durability in lawn care.

Green Clipper Compact

Cutting width - 2 m

Green Clipper Sport

Cutting width - 4,1 m

Green Clipper Sport ++

Cutting width - 7,5 m

Green Clipper Sport XL

Cutting width - 10 m

Green Clipper 3

Cutting width - 6 m

Green Clipper 5

Cutting width - 10,1 m

Why choose a Green Clipper.

The Green Clipper is an electrically powered rotary mower that is unique in its kind. The mowing system was developed by Mowing Solutions and offers a number of important advantages over conventional mowers.

The Green Clipper is very low-maintenance, thanks to its solid construction and a minimum of moving parts. Maintenance is very simple and can almost be done yourself.

The Green Clipper is very energy efficient. The new Green Clipper blade, developed by the engineers at Mowing Solutions, ensures a saving of 15% to 20% on the power consumption of the engines.

Green Clipper Sport++ maaimachine met tractoraftakas-aangedreven generator
Green Clipper maaimachine maait gras op een sportveld, met een scherpe focus op de maaicapaciteit en efficiëntie.

The benefits of a Green Clipper.

The Green Clipper front mower is an electric, hydraulic mower that is ideal for mowing large lawns, such as football fields, sports parks and golf courses. The mower has a number of key advantages, including:

No oil leakage

Electrically powered motors have no chance of oil leakage.

Low noise

Our electric motors produce less than 50 decibels of noise.

Low maintenance

Our machines have been developed in such a way that they require little maintenance.

High productivity

Green Clipper mowers mow up to 25 km/h.


Mowing wet & dry grass

The Green Clipper mowers can mow both wet and dry grass.

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