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The Green Clipper Compact, Small In Size, Big In Results

Already three years ago the Parosha Group acquired the Green Clipper products and worked on the products and organization. After 3 years of development on the Green Clipper products, we have been busy developing a new Green Clipper product. The Green Clipper Compact.

There was market demand for even a more compact machine than the already compact Green Clipper Sport. From this question, we started the development of this new Green Clipper. Based on current technology of the Green Clipper products and as a starting point the same perfect cutting results & low operating costs. This has resulted in the development of the Green Clipper Compact.

The Green Clipper Compact will have a working width of 2 meters and can be combined with the compact tractors. Perfect to maintain smaller lawns. Ideal for municipalities, landscapers, agricultural contractors and sports clubs.

The engineering phase has passed, and we expect to begin with the manufacture of the Green Clipper Compact early next year. The Green Clipper Compact will be presented at the “De Groene Sector Vakbeurs” on 7, 8 and 9 January 2014 at Hardenberg the Netherlands.

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