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Production Of The Green Clipper Running At Full Speed

We are fully engaged in the production of the Green Clipper. At the moment we are engaged in the production of several Green Clipper Sport and Green Clipper Sport ++ models. Most of which are supplied to international customers. The increase in production shows once again the success of the Green Clipper. Since we feel committed to our customers, we …

The Green Clipper Compact, Small In Size, Big In Results

Already three years ago the Parosha Group acquired the Green Clipper products and worked on the products and organization. After 3 years of development on the Green Clipper products, we have been busy developing a new Green Clipper product. The Green Clipper Compact. There was market demand for even a more compact machine than the already compact Green …

Green Clipper Sport ++ On Transport

For a customer in Germany we delivered a Green Clipper Sport ++. The Green Clipper Sport + + is picked up today and will be delivered to the German customer. For an impression we have posted a few pictures.

Green Clipper Sport on

The Green Clipper Sport is added to the website MyBoomer is the New Holland compact tractors & equipment website of the Netherlands, on this website you will find next to a complete delivery program also the latest news, actions and used New Holland compact tractors. For more information visit:

Green Clipper Low Vibration

Research shows that since 2006 there has not changed much in terms of exposure to vibration in modern mowers. To work healthier, mowers should vibration technically be further improved. ‚ÄúThere is not enough evidence that we can let staff work sufficiently healthy on a mower. The exposure to vibration is improved, I’m happy with that. For suppliers, …

Mowing Solutions Present On “Mowing Day”

On Friday October the 4th, Mowing Solutions will be present at the “mowing day” in Luxembourg. This day will be entirely devoted to mowing and related technology. A day for anyone who is interested in mowing technique or is considering to purchase a mower. More information? Please contact us.

Production Of Two Green Clipper Sport ++

We are fully engaged in the production of the Green Clipper. At the moment we are working on the production of two Green Clipper Sport + +. To give you an impression of our work we have included a photo.

Nannings Van Vuuren Sales, A Selling Point For The Green Clipper In Germany

We would like to inform you that Nannings van Vuuren Sales has become a selling point for the Green Clipper range in Germany. Nannings van Vuuren Sales founded in 2012 and is a combination of two companies with over 35 years experience in the turf industry. Nannings van Vuuren Sales has always been active with the sales / import and service of machinery …