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As municipality you’re searching for the most ideal municipality lawn mower for mowing and maintaining your lawns and parks in the municipality? Whereby you want to use a flexible machine for maintaining different format of lawns.

Then the Green Clipper is something for you. The Green Clipper is an electric driven rotary mower and unique in its kind. The electricity is generated by a tractor PTO shaft driven generator.

Why the Green Clipper as municipality lawn mower?

To obtain a strong and beautiful lawn it should be mowed regularly. But the (weather) conditions are therefore not always ideal. The result with a (front) reel mower is that often after mowing, redundant clippings or lump of grass need to be removed.

The Green Clipper on the other hand, has very fast rotating blades with a small diameter and a specially shaped shielding. This ensures that the grass clippings are reduced and well spread when they hit the ground. The unique flexible decks ensure that the soil is traced optimally.

The low purchase and maintenance costs makes the Green Clipper very competitive compared with a (front) reel mower. The maintenance is minimal, you can occasionally sharpen the knives with a grinder and after a while you should replace the blades.

Add to this its high productivity, and the Green Clipper is the ideal solution for municipality as municipality lawn mower.

The benefits of the Green Clipper municipality lawn mower

  • Electric powered
  • No oil leaks
  • High productivity
  • Energy efficient
  • Low noise
  • Low maintance
  • Good spread grass clippings
  • Wet & dry grass
  • Outstanding cut

Green Clipper Models

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